Patimban Port Design Project

Patimban Port Design Project

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Services Provided

  • Study of qualitative and quantitative factors of VfM including the determination of indicators that could translate those factors so that it could be measured in the implementation of infrastructure investments of major projects in Indonesia;
  • Formulation of assessment and validation methods of VfM based on the identified factors;
  • A general study on the implementation of construction services resources supply chain in relation to the assessment and validation of VfM;
  • Development of an application model for the calculation of qualitative and quantitave VfM based on spreadsheet from the perspective of a generic project life-cycle.

Project Summary

Name of Client:  JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) – OCI (Oriental Consultants Indoensia)

Project Name: “Efficiency and Effectiveness Review (Value for Money) for the Implementation of Major Infrastructure in Indonesia”

Location: Indonesia