Every building starts with a concept and a design. Architects are involved at every stage of the process, even after a design has been finalized, helping other building team members in the construction process. Empathy, innovation and sustainability are therefore the main drivers behind our visionary solutions. CRM offers analysis, area planning, landscape design, architectural design and detailing with an integrated and holistic multidisciplinary approach.

We have a multidisciplinary approach to what we do and what we aspire to achieve. We work to create a sustainable society where improved quality of life and economic growth is enabled by innovative and durable solutions to the most pressing needs, challenges and concerns for businesses, public institutions and people.



  • Education Buildin
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Sports Centre
  •  Architecture, Planning and Landscape Design
  • Facade Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

Education Building

Schools building demand settings that promote learning and attract students and staff. CRM is experienced at creating inspiring educational environments whilst achieving cost, functional, technical and sustainability requirements.  Our architects and engineers are highly experienced in the programming, design, construction and operational aspects of all types of buildings and facilities for schools — new build and refurbishment.

Cost effective and sustainable schools and universities

We focus on cost effectiveness, low energy consumption, reliability, and easy operation and maintenance (O&M).

End user needs in focus

Innovative settings for education should be based on an understanding of end users. We therefore work with end-users, public authorities, and universities across Indonesia in order to study education, education design, and buildings for education.

Offices Building

Smart companies understand that workspaces are a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a business’s core values, through the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and values.


The purpose of a showroom is quite multifaceted, which definitely reflects onto its interior design. The basic concept of every showroom, which is to properly market Client’s products, remains the same. Our architects offer the three basic concepts in every kind of showroom interior design:

  • Branding: this aspect reflects into the space through physical manifestation.
  • Promotion: the promotional aspect of every showroom interior needs to be carefully considered. the goal is to make the customer invested in the product.
  • Customer experience: we need to create an experiential atmosphere to completely hook our This definitely includes social interactions and an interactive interior design.

Sport Centre and Recreation Facilities

A preliminary task in planning a community sport and recreation facility is its alignment with or inclusion in a wider local or regional strategic sport and recreation plan. A sport and recreation plan identifies existing facilities and services, the broad recreation needs of the community and the action required to meet identified needs.

Our architects will undertake the following steps:

  • Concept – identifying the need for a facility and developing the strategic case for doing so, including assessing the specific need in the wider context of the desired facility network.
  • Plan – ensuring the facility will be fit for purpose, sustainable and future-proof. Assessing and determining financial feasibility based on the facility mix.
  • Design – developing the detailed functional and spatial requirements of the facility based on the facility mix. Details are confirmed and estimates finalised.

 Architecture, Planning and Landscape Design

Architects play a central role in the development of the built environment and are concerned with the creation of buildings that incorporate practical issues, aesthetic values and environmental responsibilities.

Façade Engineering

The facade is the primary moderator of the environment for all buildings, whatever the scale. Our façade engineer offers knowledge of the methods and techniques available and understand the importance of delivering high performance solutions that consider user comfort as well as the aesthetics.

 Civil & Structural Engineering

Structural engineering means more than transferring loads from a building’s structure to its foundations.  Our civil & structural engineers’ holistic approach is focused on developing optimal structures that also meet architectural, economic, environmental, fabrication, transportation, and construction requirements. This requires skill, experience, and a detailed understanding of local contexts.

 Our Structural engineers will analyze, design, plan, and seismic resistance structural components as Indonesia has a unique position as an earthquake prone country, to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants. Their work takes account mainly of safety, technical, economic and environmental concerns, but they may also consider aesthetic and social factors.