Karian – Serpong Water Conveyance & Supply System

Karian – Serpong Water Conveyance & Supply System

Services Provided

  • Prepare a diagnostic analysis of potential service areas both current and future demand through the review of existing plans and prospects for urban expansion both residential and commercial and industrial
  • Conduct site visited to 8 related PDAMs in Banten, West Java and Palyja’s of West Jakarta area;
  • Develop service area population, and projections through target year, including connections and required and projected;
  • Carry out a demand survey for the whole service area including present and projected to target year;
  • Provide demand estimates and potential revenues for service area coverage;
  • Prepare an analysis report for PPP (tariff affordability, VGF gap analysis, risk assessments)

Project Summary

Name of Client: Ministry of Public Works Republic of Indonesia –

Funded by: KOICA www.koica.go.kr

Project Name: “Consulting Services for Preparation of Master Planning and Pre-Feasibility Study Stage for Public Private Partnership (PPP)  of Karian Dam to Serpong Water Conveyance & Supply System (Q = 10,000 l/s)”