Decentralized Basic Education  Project (DBEP)

Decentralized Basic Education Project (DBEP)

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Services Provided

  • Reviewed of teacher development policies and activities both at central and the project district and the recommended strategies of developing teachers through the project interventions;
  • Assisted districts to review facilities development aspects of School Development Plans;
  • Carried out conditions surveys of the schools to be rehabilitated and prepare the material lists, drawings, schedules of work and materials and estimates of costs
  • Improved the schools’ capacity in developing and implementing school development plans.

Project Summary

Name of Client: Directorate General of Basic Education – Ministry of National Education

Project Name: “School and District Capacity Building and Project Implementation Support – Decentralized Basic Education Project (DBEP)

Location: 6 Regencies of (i) Kupang, (ii) Lembata, (iii) Alor, (iv) Timor Tengah Utara, (v) Sumba Barat, and (vi) Sumba Timur – Province of East Nusa Tenggara