(based in Makassar City)


  • Having S-2 (Masters Degree) in environmental/civil engineering education background;
  • Having minimum 12 years working experience with strong technical and management roles.
  • Having minimum 7 years working experience in project management on team management or leadership (Team Leader, Coordinator, and Co-Team Leader).
  • Having minimum 7 years working experience in the projects for water supply and sanitation infrastructures projects, preferably in urban areas and ODA (WB, ADB, JICA, IUWASH, USAID, Ausaid) funded.
  • Having worked in Indonesia and/or in other Asian countries on relevant projects;
  • He/she should be highly computer literate, have worked experience as team member in multilateral or bilateral donor-funded projects, and have been working experience in multi-cultural environment;
  • He/she shall have good interpersonal communications and management skills; must able to communicate effectively in both English and Indonesian language;

He/she shall have competency certificate as water supply/environmental expert as applicable for foreign expert or SKA Ahli Utama, certified from Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi, LPJK for Indonesian expert.

Person(s): 1

Input (months): @41 months

Each applicant should send their CV along with the following attachments:

  1. Copy of Ijazah/Diploma
  2. Copy of SKA
  3. Copy of KTP & NPWP
  4. References

You can send your CV and its attachments to the following email:

Mr. Sofyar Santoso

Human Resources Manager

email: sofyar@ciriajasa-mandiri.com

Or contact us at:

CRM Office: +62 21 7884 5466

+62 21 7884 5421