(based in Makassar City)


  • S-1 Bachelor degree in information technology and computer science;
  • Having minimum 8 years working experience in MIS project and/or managerial aspects, water governance and water utility administration.
  • He/she shall have good interpersonal communications, computer literates, teamwork abilities, and must be able to have an extensive field-trip to the region;

He/she shall have competency certificate applicable as informatics expert for foreign expert or SKA Ahli Madya, certified from Ikatan Nasional Konsultan Indonesia, Inkindo for Indonesian expert.

Person(s): 1

Input (months): @41 months

Each applicant should send their CV along with the following attachments:

  1. Copy of Ijazah/Diploma
  2. Copy of SKA
  3. Copy of KTP & NPWP
  4. References

You can send your CV and its attachments to the following email:

Mr. Sofyar Santoso

Human Resources Manager

email: sofyar@ciriajasa-mandiri.com

Or contact us at:

CRM Office: +62 21 7884 5466

+62 21 7884 5421