PT Ciriajasa Rancangbangun Mandiri (CRM) is an independent Indonesian consultancy and engineering firm that provides services and sustainable solutions for various sectors and field of expertise.

CRM was established in Jakarta on year 2005 as an independent Indonesian consultancy and engineering firm with a multi-disciplinary in-house resources in Water Resources Management and Water Supply Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental, Urban Planner and  Architech capabilities.

As a consultancy and engineering firm, CRM provides a full range of services, from master planning, feasibility study, deatiled engineering design (DED) to construction management services, O&M program and capacity building  that contribute to all aspects of the infrastructure development program.

CRM works across the following markets: Architects and Buildings, Coal Mining Services, Drinking Water Supply, Drainage and Flood Control System, Education Sector,  Environmental – Health and Safety, Port and Jetty Infrastructure, Public Private Partnership,  Sanitation and Sewerage System, Solid-waste Management System, Urban and Rural Development and  Water Resources Management.


To be a reliable and dedicated consultancy and engineering firm providing services with valuable solutions to the Clients.


To provide multi-disciplinary services for sustainable consultancy and engineering in order to deliver long-term Clients, while building employee pride through a highly motivated employee-ownership culture.


We meet Client’s demand from small to large assignment, from simple to complex with the support of our reliable domestic consultants.


To increase shareholders value by:

  • Driving profitable (organic and inorganic) growth in the domestic consulting markets;
  • Total commitment to serving the Clients;
  • Creating long-term partnership & alliances with other reliable international and domestic business partners.


Client satisfaction

Our services and delivered product always meet or surpass Client expectation.

Client satisfaction, as a very important total quality management philosophy, lately has been incorporated in the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Client satisfaction to include service quality, product quality and relationship quality.  While service quality refers to the value of the service process to the Client, product quality is the value of the product and relationship quality is the quality of manners of service providers.


Communicate clearly and honestly. We are agile and adaptive. Pride ourselves in our ability to find unique and innovative solutions for clients. Our response management policy to include return calls, emails, and texts in a timely manner to establish trust; choose to communicate in a way that suits CRM’s client; be compassionate, smart and nimble; collaborate to succeed;  respect and care for people and make it happen.

Maintaining Perspective in challenging times

It is absolutely essential in knowing how to handle problems. Our maintaining perspective to inlcude look for the lessons which are usually a few valuable lessons to be learned in every challenging situation,  discuss with the stakeholders and get their support, and keep a positive attitude which is always helpful to have a positive attitude.