PT Ciriajasa Rancangbangun Mandiri (CRM)

CRM is an independent Indonesian consultancy and engineering firm that provides services and sustainable solutions for various sectors and field of expertise.

CRM was established in Jakarta on year 2005 as an independent Indonesian consultancy and engineering firm with a multi-disciplinary in-house resources in Water Resources Management and Water Supply Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental, Urban Planner and  Architect capabilities.

As a consultancy and engineering firm, CRM provides a full range of services, from master planning, feasibility study, detailed engineering design (DED) to construction management services, O&M program and capacity building  that contribute to all aspects of the infrastructure development program.

CRM works across the following markets: Architects and Buildings, Coal Mining Services, Drinking Water Supply, Drainage and Flood Control System, Education Sector,  Environmental – Health and Safety, Port and Jetty Infrastructure, Public Private Partnership,  Sanitation and Sewerage System, Solid-waste Management System, Urban and Rural Development and  Water Resources Management.

Since 2005, 50 sociality committed CRM professionals developed innovative solutions for the Indonesia consulting markets. CRM offers its recognized expertise to Clients in the public and private sector. CRM’s services include: desk study, surveys & investigations, master planning, feasibility study, basic design, detailed engineering design (DED), construction supervision, project management, capacity building & training service and operation & management.